New Release: TEES


TEES have release their Debut EP FLOW via Farmer & The Owl + Inertia

Despite the time and space between the creation of the songs on ​Flow, certain themes and ideas carry through and connect each of them, inspiring the EP's title. The songs explore perspectives surrounding relationships, love, loss, hope and power, both in being with others and with oneself. Tillman and Duarte's careful curation of Flow creates a sense of movement in mood – opening with the lightness of 'Let Beauty Be' before revealing more sombre and introspective tones toward tracks like 'Pull' and '​Through You'. This concept of duality - light and dark - is at the forefront of TEES ethos as both musicians and individuals; "​The idea that you cannot truly approach the light and the wants and needs of your life, if you don’t process and confront what you are trying to avoid."

To celebrate the release, they will be performing Flow, in full, at two intimate headline shows in Sydney & Melbourne.

Melb: Boney - Thursday Feb 1st 8PM

Syd: Brighton Up Bar - Friday Feb 16th 8PM

Stream: Here
Purchase: Here

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