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Welcome to the family Amaya Laucirica.

We are proud to announce the most recent signing of Melbourne songwriter Amaya Laucirica, representing her impressive catalogue for the world. Amaya’s work blends swirling contours with wistful melodies and lush, sonic depth. Within this rich palette of sound resides Amaya’s uniquely captivating voice, restrained yet beautiful, with rich breathy tones offering touching moments of yearning and lament.

Amaya has announced the release of 4th album, Rituals, due on the 2nd of March via UK Imprint, Opposite Number.

The first single from the album, " More Than This ", was Lauren Laverne's headphone moment on BBC 6 Music this week. The lush video for the track was premiered via Gold Flake Paint , who wrote; "'More Than This' is a brooding, wonderfully compelling swirl of colour and charisma, the track drifting (pertinently, never forgettably) through six-and-a-half captivating minutes, while the video’s main star, dancer Ogemdi Ude, throws all manner of considered shapes alongside, beautiful and engaging in equal measure."

Follow up single “ All Of Our Time ” was posted by The Line Of Best Fit , who wrote; "Reminiscent of the whimsical melodies of The Go-Betweens and harmonious soundscapes of Cocteau Twins, “All Of Our Time” is the work of seasoned artist Amaya Laucirica, someone who is still perfecting their sound four albums in."

Rituals is a personal and intimate album dealing with themes of time, frustration, acceptance, loss and love. Musically, it is a richly complex and layered album that, although intricate and sometimes dense, also contains sparse moments of quiet transcendence and space. Rituals marks a major artistic statement and is the perfect demonstration of her talent for her first international release.

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