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Broken Cloudy King

Broken Cloudy King


Broken Cloudy King’s enigmatic style and eclectic sound are infectious. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter hailing from Perth, Australia, BCK’s early musical experiences are, in his own words, ‘What you would expect from the most isolated city in the world - uncertain and unique. There’s an eeriness about it but I love it. It’s kind of a blank canvas’.

The 2019 debut release IN SKIES saw BCK enter the scene with an album filled with colour and curiosity. Ethereal and often dark, IN SKIES has some moments of genuine beauty. Songs such as the irresistibly uplifting TURN take you on a most magnificent journey as it builds and crescendos. A truly unique song that fills you with anticipation.

Early 2020 saw this debut release followed by the album GET UP, with singles such as the sultry, irresistible DARK AND BLUE and the explosive SPRING.

Fast forward less than a year to early 2021 and BCK releases his third album MARIONETTE. A wonderful journey of light and dark, MARIONETTE is a clever disguise of inner anguish mixed with a sense of hope.

‘Such a great hopeful atmosphere in this, and love how it rolls along and moves with the strings. Really nice stuff BCK!’ - Steph Hughes, Triple J Unearthed.

BCK’s fourth album TEMPERANCE was released in August.