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Cheekbone is truly a product of his upbringing - a hybridised weapon of eastern instrumentation and modern EDM. His production intersects post-everything internet ideals with surprisingly cinematic pop-facing songwriting.

The Australian-born, Iranian-Canadian stacks up references that shouldn’t work but do. At its core it’s chaos: heavy percussion rhythms thick with bass distortion, melancholic metal guitar working alongside frenetic ney flute and santoor in a pummelling distillation of east meets west.

In 2019 Cheekbone debuted the festival stage, playing alongside acts suchas Billie Eilish, Flosstradamus, and Wafia. Summoning his unholy communion of Death Pop, Cheekbone teams up with artists such as Woodes and Lonelyspeck to usher in his soon to be released EP - Act

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