GUTHRIE is the folktronica project of Tess Guthrie based in Melbourne.

Guthrie’s music is a pure reflection of her diverse experiences and sonic influences. She spent 2019 touring the East Coast of Australia bewitching audiences with her mesmerizing vocals after releasing Triple j unearthed favourites ‘WUTO’ and ‘Fairy Lights’.

Like all musicians in 2020, Guthrie’s touring plans were put on hold and she reassessed her music, and identity changing her name from Tess Guthrie to Guthrie.

“Particularly during lockdown I found myself becoming more keen on production and combining electronic elements with the folk/alt-rock sound that I've always loved. It felt more natural to explore these new sounds and new ways of writing and playing with the band under a new project name. That’s why I went with GUTHRIE, because it’s still my name and feels like me, but it also allows me to build a world for the music to live in which is different to just me as a person. I think we’ll be able to express more as a band if the sounds have that freedom to live in their own world.” Guthrie