Team Solo

Team Solo


Team Solo is a “collaborative solo” project from Hackney/London based recording artist Scuta Salamanca.

Debut single “It Only Makes Me Love You More” (2020) is the first taste of what CLASH Magazine have said is "an addictive slice of left of centre pop, all wonky rhythms”.

First inspired by a minimalist Hip Hop / R&B approach after finding a broken '80s drum machine (EMU SP12), Scuta melds Indie, Pop, and Ska influences with a colourful aesthetic to create a sound upbeat and that’s truly unique.

Not wanting to be in a band but also wanting other people on his recordings he invites a guest to perform on each song - he says it’s "a bit like icing a cake"

Some of the guests he knows, and others he has never met or even spoken to, but each of them adds colour whilst each song still remains distinctly Team Solo.

This first release features Alex Reeves (Elbow, Dizzee Rascal) on Percussion.

Here he is talking with Eat This Music over the Summer 2020.

Other projects from Scuta include his band The Dallas Guild (UK Sync with Volkswagen and Nurofen) and Social Skills (UK Sync with Channel 4 and KevCoin: The Movie).

Scuta has also scored many TV commercials in the UK and US, scored titles and ident films for the BBC, and written and produced Short film scores including “Francis” - nominated for Best Original Composition / Short Film Score at Music & Sound Awards (UK) and recent choreographed lockdown film “Together”.