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Ai Yamamoto

Ai Yamamoto


Ai Yamamoto was born in Japan and has lived in Melbourne, Australia since the early 2000s.

She sources her sounds from field recordings, game sounds, and daily life in the world, manipulating these textures into a body of work influenced by soundscapes, electronica, ambient, and industrial music. Her main area of interest is the dramatic structure and flow of music, which she addresses through the use of gentle melodies paired with abstract texture, bringing an atmospheric soundscape in her compositions. She has worked with a range of sound and video artists such as Lawrence English, Raceless AKA Curse of Dialect, Ben Frost, Sofi Basseghi, Kaigen, Steve Law, Bita Fayyazi, antuong nguyen, and others.


2019 Music composition for Far Flung show at Manningham Gallery (council)

2018 Music composition for Spiral foods recipe movies /Kozume Yuka Production

2018 Composition and animation for Particle wave show at Planetarium as a part of International Melbourne Festival. http://particle-wave.com/

2018 Sound Design work for Sofi Basseghi’s Video Installation at Substation gallery

2017 Sound Design work for for Sofi Basseghi’s Video Installation atThe Counihan Gallery 

2017 Sound/music for Nobomb’s stop animation for social media ad.

2017 Sound Design Works for Sofi Basseghi’s Video Installation at Seventh Gallery