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Tony Dupé

Tony Dupé


Tony Dupé is an Australian musician, composer, producer and academic. He started his career playing, singing and writing songs in bands and released EPs and albums whilst working in bookstores and record stores. He began recording other artists and developed an approach to production which combined analogue recording and processing with DAW collages and loops and garnered a reputation for capturing intimate performances in country houses, halls and churches where the leaking outdoor sound became part of the sonic backdrop. He produced albums for Holly Throsby, Jack Ladder, Sui Zhen and Sophie Hutchings amongst many others. During this period, Dupé released two acclaimed instrumental albums under the name Saddleback- Everything’s A Love Letter (2004 and remastered vinyl release on Oscarson due 2022) and Night Maps, 2007, on Preservation Records. His next solo release Assembly: Pella Desert Church for Pipe Organ and Birds, 2019 is recorded in an isolated historic stone church with microphones placed around the church chaneling the bird soundscape back into the church accompanied by pipe organ.Dupé collaborated with composer Claire Deak to create an album The Old Capital (Lost Tribe Sound, 2020) and his solo album Margaret Hammett Lived was released in 2021 on the same label.

Tony has composed scores for TVC’s and Series (incl.The Gradual Demise of Philippa Finch, 2009) aswell as short and feature films (incl. Disclosure, 2020).

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