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Air Max '97

Air Max '97


Dutch born, New Zealand raised and currently Sydney based, Air Max ‘97 is a singular artist in the electronic music landscape. His affect-focused productions are rich with atmosphere, texture and percussive impact. His recent output includes an acclaimed 12” on Batu's Timedance imprint, the debut of A2A, Air Max ‘97’s collaborative project with Aya, on Local Action records, as well as entries on his own label DECISIONS, which celebrated 5 years of operation in 2020 with a compilation titled ‘Consequences’.

A magnetic presence as a DJ, Air Max ‘97 forges sonic trips alive with energy and dynamism. His sets contrast dark and light, hypnotism and rupture, made all the more special with the inclusion of countless unreleased tracks, edits and blends.
Since 2018 Air Max ‘97 coined a new moniker Backlit, under which he produces for artists including TiZ East, Zheani, Don Sinini, QQBBG and Angel-Ho. He is also a practising mixing and mastering engineer, designer and visual director.

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