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Eyes of Bel

Eyes of Bel


Bel began her year with the release of “Better Than Me”; the track’s sleek production and syrupy charm made it a song not just to be listened to, but one to be consumed through all the senses.

Watch the music video for “Better Than Me” here.

Marrying the avant-pop and experimental realms, Bel’s second single “Spectre” catapulted her to the forefront of Australia’s female pop ranks and was covered by NME Australia, Astrophe Magazine, LadyGunn (US) and more. “Spectre”, produced by Konstantin Kersting (Tones and I, The Jungle Giants, Mallrat), was a fearless and defiant return from an artist always on the cutting edge of sound and visual artistry. January saw Bel travel to the US to film the amazing music video for "Spectre", which she worked on with James Mountford, the creative director for BANKS and Chance The Rapper. The resulting art-house meets fashion film exemplifies Bel’s unique visual artistry and intense introspection, making comment on the demanding and often falsified nature of the fashion and music industries.

Watch the music video for “Spectre” here.

Bel also spent most of February in the US attending various Grammy Week events, as well as Bebe Rexha’s Women in Harmony event. She also spent time working as a creative director and model in shoots with Sicky Mag, Fen Hong Se Magazine, Alice D, LadyGunn and more.

Bel is an artist born from a supernatural cataclysm; a mysterious young woman, she exists in a world of her own design, where the ugly and raw nature of the world is not looked at through rose coloured glasses. Everything is real and authentic, with no veil to hide imperfections through. Instead, she celebrates them, unashamed and unwilling to compromise in her approach. A fire burns deep within Bel and fuels her to march forward, refusing to back down when it comes to her dreams and desires.