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Bree Tranter

Bree Tranter


Hailing originally from Townsville, Bree has been omnipresent in the Australian music scene since 2009. Boldly recognised as a vocalist, flutist and keyboardist for revolutionary indie/folk group ‘ The Middle East ’ who had recently reformed in 2019 for two special shows at the Sydney Opera house for ‘Vivid Sydney Festival’. She has since built on their legacy and firmly established her own unique space as an independent solo artist and session musician. Releasing and producing her debut Album ‘Another Night On Earth’, which was awarded 4 out of 5 stars by ‘Rolling Stone Australia’ in 2016. Spending most her time before Covid touring the world with ‘Matt Corby’ for the past eight years and with Adelaide’s singer-songwriter ‘Timberwolf’, who she recently formed a new duo band with last year, called ‘Siberian Tiger’.

Since her last release at the end of 2016 Bree found herself moving from Sydney to Adelaide, spending her time focusing on other musical endeavors such as recording and producing her first attempt at short film scores; ‘Happy Anniversary’ and ‘Aftershock’ which ended up receiving ‘Best Foreign Short’ at Atlanta Underground Film Festival and which featured at the 2020 ‘Adelaide Film Festival’. She also had the honor of working with the Adelaide Dance Theatre as part of a Covid – relief project called ‘The World’s Smallest Stage’. In 2019 Bree was acknowledged and awarded the best ‘Live Instrumentalist Award’ at the NLMA awards (National Live Music Awards) and nominated for best ‘Live Voice Award’ in the SA NLMA awards.

It goes without saying that Bree Tranter has certainty been busy focusing on touring with other musicians and working on musical projects which have expanded her skills since her debut album. However constantly in the back of her mind, is her solo career and 2021 brings Bree’s music back into the limelight. With her new single ‘Keyboards and Conversations’ that she wrote and produced alongside The Middle East’s lead singer Rohin Jones. This song brings insight into being in a relationship where both people are fulltime musicians/artists and the vulnerability and communication needed to grow in order to have a healthy partnership. Her words are honest and carefully considered, reassuring the other that she is listening to their dreams and heartaches along the journey of trying to survive as an artist and grow a family. The music holds everything together like soil in a garden, guiding the listener through the journey and releasing them finally in the lushiest outro. Which is exactly how Bree feels when she lets love guide her into being comfortable in life’s unknown because the only thing she is sure about is being lucky having someone she loves, by her side. ‘Keyboards & Conversations’ is due for release on the 3rd of June 2021.

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