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Coby Grant

Coby Grant


Coby Grant is a hardcore independent musician, managing every facet of her career - bookings, international tours, online presence, writing, recording and marketing her music, financially supporting herself and the considerable expenses involved. All the while with a huge smile on her face because one thing is obvious when you see Coby sing- she is doing something that she absolutely loves. After Gaga Publishing signed Coby and placed her original song “A Song About Me” into a Scandinavian TVC four years ago, life has been pretty busy for this folk/pop singer-songwriter. Coby grabbed the opportunity and has spent the last five years living out of a suitcase and playing hundreds of shows and festivals in Europe, focusing on Germany and Holland where her fan bases have grown considerably. She is currently working on her latest album, collaborating with artists and producers around the globe, due for release in early 2017.

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