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Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses


Weaving their songs out of their adolescent experiences, alt-rock/shoegaze quartet Coming Up Roses balances the worlds of child-like innocence and idealism with the revelations that come with adulthood. Combining elements of pop, grunge, heavy-metal and shoegaze, the band manifests their emotions through the use of evocative vocal melodies and expansive sonic textures.


Led by vocalist-bassist Emily Sera, and completed by guitarists Darius Oon, Lorenzo Romero and drummer Bruce Dylan Tan, Coming Up Roses recalls the likes of Wolf Alice and Sonic Youth.

After releasing a series of demo recordings in 2018, the band earned a spot on the illustrious Baybeats Festival line-up that year and gained a reputation for their dynamic live shows, subsequently releasing their debut mini-album, ‘Waters’, in May 2019.

The mini-album touches on themes that come with the experience of entering adolescence, whether it is love (“Sky”), anger and disappointment (“Lies”), despair (“Waters”) or loss (“Fall”). Waters is an exploration of these different emotions and a journey through the rollercoaster ride that is growing up. This is reflected in both the lyrical and sonic aspects of the music: Sky combines sweet, sanguine guitars with lyrics about running away and the ideals of a ‘happily ever after’. Meanwhile, the title track Waters contrasts harsh, dense noise sections and sparse middle sections as the protagonist despondently contemplates over her future.

Currently, the band plans to build on their live shows in Singapore and establish their artist profile as one of the country’s most exciting live acts.

Frontwoman Emily Sera shares:

“Waters is a mini-album meant to be listened to in full. I think it is normal for people to experience different conflicting emotions in life but I think it is during this phase of our lives that such emotions are amplified. It’s amplified because we are at the age where we try to solve problems on our own as part of growing up. This on-going reflection of trying to figure out our problems creates more pent-up emotions that we eventually have to pen down in order to release our emotions.”

“Waters” is the culmination of Coming Up Roses’ current mini-album cycle recorded and produced by Leonard Soosay and is the first long-form release from the band.