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Imogen Brough

Imogen Brough


Ethereal melodies surrounded by ambient landscapes combine together creating a world of music and emotion. Powerfully haunting vocals entwined and harmonies with strings, guitar, piano, bass and tribal drums expressing the passion Imogen has for world and Celtic music. Her music is enough to carve a niche in the current folk and pop landscapes. Her first single Heart released in 2014 was quickly selected as the theme music for the official Vidal Sassoon add in America, as well as featured on the Australia drama 'Winners and Losers.' Love Is Like A Match followed reaching the Top 100 on the iTunes pop charts, alongside Heart. Having toured with Ireland’s Brian Kennedy and worked alongside Australia's Damien Leith, her music career has been inspiring. Channel 9’s The Voice was a great outlet for Imogen in 2013, allowing her desire to be involved in the music industry to cultivate. Currently studying at The University of Melbourne doing a Master of Music Performance Teaching, Imogen is continuing improving all skills relating to her voice and passion for music.

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