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Kate W Martin

Kate W Martin


Kate W Martin is a songwriter and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. A passionate collaborator, she has co-written tracks across a wide range of genres with a diverse array from artists and producers from
around the world. One of her recent collaborations, ‘In My Mind’, co-written with Alice Ivy and Ecca Vandal, recently landed a worldwide TV campaign for Apple iPhone.

Under her name Kate Martin, she has released 3 full-length albums, which received high praise and attention from national youth radio station Triple J. She signed with Gaga Publishing, subsequently landing her music numerous placements on prime-time Australian television as well as a TV commercial for the national Australia Day campaign, which ran for 3 years. Her live shows are renowned for hushed rooms, commanding attention with her onstage presence and captivating style.

Her latest musical venture, Winifred, is the W in Kate W Martin, a name she inherited from her grandmother. Winifred is Kate’s ‘sophisticated pop’ project, lavished in detailed sound-design production with an emphasis on shimmery, hook-centric vocals. Kate has spent the last 2 years writing and developing new Winifred material in various locations, including Sydney, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin.

“My desire was for Winifred to have structural parameters; my artistic intention has shifted from an inward, cathartic perspective to an outward one, where the listener comes first. And within those self-imposed parameters there is infinite freedom and possibility to venture wherever the song and production leads me. Winifred leans heavily into the unrestrictive, all encompassing, modern definition of pop.”

Kate writes with a wide audience in mind. Her wealth of studio and collaborative experience paired with her innate ability to fashion arrangements, toplines and melodies into something truly statement is what continues to define and establish Kate W Martin as an artist.

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