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Parvyn is a Punjabi-Australian singer best known for her work in cult psychedelic band The Bombay Royale, and performing globally since childhood with her father Dya Singh. Parvyn’s current solo project represents a new step in her career and is informed by pop, electronica and jazz, her background in Sikh devotional music and her training in classical Indian music and dance.


‘What You See’ is the debut single due for release independently on the 2nd July, 2021. The single represents a new direction for the vocalist, with garage-esque bounce and 808 bass melded with eastern strings, and sweetly delivered rnb layered vocals sung in English and Punjabi. A collaboration with Melbourne producer Joelistics, the song is a heartfelt challenge to recognise our subjectivities - our lived experience, our culture, our race, our tastes and our perception.

Joining the single is a video clip which saw Parvyn collaborate with South Asian descent award winning female director Bina Bhattacharya, What You See is a mysterious journey through illusion, perception, shapeshifting, light and dark, old and new, colourful and monochrome. Filmed in an Indian restaurant in the outer suburbs of Melbourne it pays homage to the strong Punjabi culture which still exists in migrant communities but also represents the contemporary direction Parvyn has decided to take with her art.

While it is her debut as a solo artist, What You See is our first insight to the culmination of Parvyn’s journey as a vocalist, from performing Sikh devotional music around the world in her father Dya Singh’s ensemble to fronting cult Bollywood psychedelica band The Bombay Royale.

The single marks a new chapter in Parvyn’s evolution as an artist, and we are only at the beginning of her story. What You See is the first single from Parvyn’s debut album due in September of 2021.