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With a history of playing in D.I.Y. punk bands, Matt Ridgway formed Winterpark in 2005 as a studio project where he could collaborate with musical friends and create his own brand of immersive, atmospheric electronica with guitar-based soundscapes. Combining an obsession with FX pedals with a love of melody, Matt creates cinematic soundscapes and emotive textures that lend themselves well to soundtracks and sync placement, and with five Winterpark Album/EP releases under his belt, Winterpark’s music has ended up landing a number of high profile spots on TV series, including sync in Underbelly, Offspring and Dance Academy as well as TVC for the likes of Duracell and the Australian Government. An interest in interactive composition led to Matt’s role as composer and sound designer on Breath of Light, an interactive iOS puzzle game that won the Australian Game Developer Award Excellence in Sound Design in 2015.

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