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Colin from Accounts


Created and written by husband and wife team Patrick Brammall (A Moody Christmas, Offspring) and Harriet Dyer (Love Child, No Activity), Colin From Accounts is everything your typical romantic comedy is not.

Ashley, played by Dyer, is a 20-something, all-over-the-place medical student who lives in a share house, has little savings, and often acts without thinking. Gordon, played by Brammall, is a 40-something, hard-working brewery owner who lives alone in a warehouse-style apartment that screams "I'm single". The pair meet when Gordon stops to let Ashley cross the road in front of him while driving to work.

She flashes him her boob; he gets distracted and hits a stray dog.

Next thing you know it, these two strangers are at the vet, having to decide whether to put down or keep this now permanently damaged dog. (Who will also cost $12,000 in medical bills, need lifelong care, and possibly help when pooing).

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