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Sync Frayed S2


Frayed season 2 has lost none of its edge as the family return to London. Season 2 features Numero Records Michael Miglio "Never Gonna Let You Go" and Rick Cuevas "The Birds."

“Frayed”, a comedy series created by Australian ex-pat Sarah Kendall who has been a fixture of the UK comedy scene for a number of years. A UK/Australian co-production, the show is being produced by Merman Productions in the UK and Guesswork ('Nanette', 'Please Like Me') locally. Watch on ABC iView.

What's in store for Season 2?

Having made it out of Australia, we find Sammy and her kids living in a tiny London flat while she frantically tries to prove that her lawyer stole her house. Barely able to make ends meet working in exhaust management (she’s a secretary in a muffler repair shop), Sammy is desperate to find a way back to her opulent London life. She must also keep her kids far away from Newcastle, and the truth about what happened to their neighbour Terry Harris.Meanwhile back in Australia, local Newcastle cop Srgt Fairbank heads up Terry’s missing person case. Fairbank smells a rat, and does not believe that Terry would just disappear. Determined to leave no stone unturned, and constantly egged on by Fiona, his crime-obsessed girlfriend, Fairbank circles in on all the people Sammy and the kids left behind. With Uncle Jim, Jean, and Abby left to hold the line, and con artist Bev - now heavily pregnant- lurking on the scene, it’s only a matter of time until Sammy is called back to be a key witness in the case.

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