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"How describe that first damning taste? This substance, through which sunshine was laced?

From that day on, her fate was set, Butter was Romeo, Agatha, Juliet."

Score by Rainbow Chan

Butter is first and foremost a (slightly doomed) love story. In an artificial, margarine-obsessed world, lonely, food obsessed Agatha Green has her world turned upside down when she finds love in an unlikely spread...butter. Agatha becomes consumed with the desire to make the purest form of butter. But what happens when she takes her obsession with perfection too far?

This is also a film about joy, love, and living with no regrets. Musical numbers, dairy related hijinks and high speed chases all combine to make this a story that will lift your heart and make you smile through your existential dread.

Inspired by Wes Anderson's love of symmetry, Amelie's whimsy and The Shape of Water's romance, the story world of Butter is a stylishly satirical take on today's food fad-obsessed world. The film is an absurdist fairytale, a cautionary tale about what can happen when we become blind consumers of fake news without thinking critically, and what happens when consumerism runs rampant.

Writer: Maddy Withington

Director: Anita Lee

Produced by: Brosis Films

Producer: Lucy Rennick

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