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Sync | Heartbreak High Season 2


Class — and chaos! — is back in session at Heartbreak High for Season 2.

The flies are buzzing, the ibis are raiding the bins, and the sun shines down on our favourite “lowest ranking school in the district” — Hartley High. Students stream through the gates and all our heroes are back for a second term — threesomes, chlamydia and burning cars a distant memory — it seems possible that everyone’s done a bit of growing up over the Term 1 holidays…

The Australian teen drama series follows a new generation of students at Sydney’s Hartley High as they navigate friendships, love, sex, and growing up. A reboot of the popular ’90s ensemble series of the same name, this Heartbreak High brings the drama to the 2020s

Listen out for the soundtrack ft. Obongjayar, Jessica Winter, Omega Sapien, G.Combo, Cool Sounds, Jesswar and Nilüfer Yanya

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