Sync | The End

Sync | The End


What’s the point of it all? Harriet Walter and Frances O’Connor play a mother and daughter grappling with life’s eternal questions in this funny and painfully perceptive drama. The End is a 10-part series created and written by Samantha Strauss and produced by See-Saw Films. It is directed by Jessica M. Thompson and Jonathan Brough.

We're excited to have The Middle East, Elliott Moss and Jackie Shane placed in Season 1.

Australian doctor Kate Brennan, a senior registrar specialising in palliative care medicine, is passionate in her opposition to euthanasia. Her mother, Edie Henley who lives in England, is just as passionate about her right to die. Kate must bring Edie out to Australia but places her in a nearby retirement village, which is her mother's worst nightmare. Kate struggles with her own problems and children, while trying to find a way back to a relationship with her mother.

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