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Sync | The Other Guy


Stan Originals 'The Other Guy' Season 2 is now streaming on Stan and Hulu in North America.

AJ Amon has lost everything - his house, his job, his best friend. Could life getting any worse? Yeah, he just found out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and it’s not his. When a producer approaches AJ about making a TV show about his shitty life, he thinks he may finally have an opportunity to get back on top. But how do you make a show about your life without pissing off everyone in it? Will AJ use the show to get revenge on the people who wronged him or will reliving the past only keep him stuck there? In Series 2, AJ screws things up with the perfect girl, rekindles his friendship with Stevie only to betray her trust, recasts his dad as white, gets sued by his ex, and has his life thrown on its head with a twist that nobody saw coming.

Listen out for

Moon King 'Come Away With Me'

The Ray Johnson Combo 'Wanna Wanna Wanna'

Buzzy Lee (co-write Nicholas Jaar) 'Walk Away'

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