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Jarrod Jeremiah

Jarrod Jeremiah


Jarrod Jeremiah, the 21-year-old Perth/Boorloo-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, is a whirlwind of creative energy. Blending soul, pop, R&B, and hip-hop, he concocts a captivating musical cocktail that is as vibrant as it is infectious.

With a playful vision and a mischievous spirit, Jeremiah crafts sonic adventures that transport listeners to a realm of pure joy. His melodies and lively rhythms reflect his fun-loving personality, which not only allows him to excel as an artist but also as a producer in the Australian scene, working on records for artists such as Anieszka & Jordane spanning from R&B to Pop.

Born in Australia with Indian heritage, Jeremiah's classical training in percussion provides a solid foundation for his artistry. Drawing inspiration from soulful legends like Tom Misch, Anderson Paak, and Samm Henshaw, he infuses his music with a vibrant twist that keeps his unique sound fresh and memorable.

In 2022, Jeremiah released his debut EP 'IM-MATURE,' a vibrant tribute to his distinctive energy and youthful charm. The EP was embraced with open arms, resulting in a sold-out headline show and earning acclaim from notable outlets such as Rollingstone India, Ones To Watch, and COMPLEX.

As Jeremiah continues to refine his craft and create music that deeply resonates with his fans, he propels himself towards becoming an unforgettable force in the music industry. With an irresistible mix of playfulness, undeniable talent, and boundless creativity, he is rapidly carving a path to etch his name into the vibrant tapestry of music.