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Jeremy Neale

Jeremy Neale


Maybe you know Jeremy Neale from his blockbuster movie about a billionaire dinosaur DJ named T-Rax, or maybe from his 2016 seasonal banger “Christmas Time (Is My Favourite Time Of The Year)”. Maybe you haven’t seen or heard any of his work but you get the sense that you knew him in a past life. I’m not saying that all roads lead to Jeremy, but some of them definitely do.

Jeremy hails from Brisbane and has been a mainstay of ‘The Biz’ since his “In Stranger Times” EP in 2013. A whole lot of national and international touring followed off the back of strong radio support for the singles, “A Love Affair To Keep You There”, “In Stranger Times” and “Swing Left” and In 2015 he released the followup EP, “Let Me Go Out In Style”.

In 2016 he took out the top Google result for “Man In Skivvy”, beating out rivals Kanye West, James Bond and The Blue Wiggle, all the while working on his debut album with hotshot producer Miro Mackie.

Now here we are in 2017. His debut album ‘Getting The Team Back Together’ is out November 3 and the first single - Dancin’ & Romancin’ - is out now! Bumper stickers have been theorising about it for decades but now we’re finally gonna have scientific proof that “magic happens”.

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