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Fresh Sydney-based emerging artist, Jodi, is a contemporary singer, songwriter, and producer. Encompassed in a world of Indie Pop and Electronic Dance, Jodi's sound is infectious and relevant. The experiences of her life have shaped her artistic lens; painting pictures of heartbreak and resilience, all infiltrated with gratifying harmonies, sarcastic lyrics, and addictive grooves. Jodi's art is her being. It is her truest, most honest self, and her favorite form.

Kicking off her exciting new brand, Jodi released two singles in 2021: “bl!nk” and “Frenchie”. Following this, Jodi is working on 3 new singles to release in 2022. She is here to make her name apparent and permanent across the current airwaves.

Jodi is laying down the groundwork to build her following and repertoire, which will cultivate in a live set. She is sourcing an epic team to help actualize her artistic vision. This will bring her music to the heart of Sydney's dance floors and music lovers.