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The Parking Lot Experiments

The Parking Lot Experiments


Parking Lot Experiments are four young Melbournians who make inventive, unconventional yet totally unpretentious tunes, fluctuating between fiercely danceable loops, folky interludes, and playful banter.

With a level of DIY grace, these guys master ticklish, shiny melodies enmeshed with fresh, quirky electro rushes. Communal yelps and harmonies adorn Dave Connor’s excitable, and brilliantly childish, vocal lead. And if Dave is the driver, younger brother Andrew, arched eagerly over his drum-set, is the ceaseless engine. The man needs no seat. He’s Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, commanding those steel drums like he knows how.

Meanwhile, Matt Kulesza and Lloyd Pratt provide the middleground, smoothly yet unpredictably utilising a bass, a casiotone and a laptop to emit sonic funtimes. Instrument swapping is rife as the mood builds from pensive to rampant to euphoric, but the transition is somehow natural and appropriate