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Tornado Club

Tornado Club


Tornado Club is a new collaborative project from Elle Graham (Woodes) and Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle), emphasising the strengths of their respective work and the friendship they have forged in a time of personal heartache and change.


In their own work, Elle Graham and Danny Harley are two musicians constantly taking their sounds to the furthest level they can. They’re both inspired by creative evolution, as shown through the craft of both Woodes and The Kite String Tangle, but also within the mutual musical and visual influences they share. They’ve both found success in doing so too, with their projects selling out shows both nationally and internationally off the back of ARIA-charting albums and Platinum-certified singles.

Tornado Club brings the pair together, launching with a six-track EP - titled ‘Reset’ - recorded throughout the last year. It began with work in-person at the tail-end of 2019 before being finished remotely through the means of online collaboration, providing a place where they could come together and create songs different to what they create individually. It veers between snapshots of similar interests and influences (musical and otherwise), taking the heavier electronic foundations of The Kite String Tangle and intertwining it with the intricacies of Woodes. There are notes to their shared influences amongst Tornado Club’s foundations - the entire project takes its name from Jonsi’s song ‘Tornado’ - but the EP’s sound feels like uncharted waters, capturing intimacy and boldness simultaneously within its tracks.

Listened front to back, ‘Reset’ guides you through a journey of emotional understanding, as The Kite String Tangle and Woodes decipher transitional periods in their lives through cathartic songwriting. The first track ‘Intuition’ was written on the first day of studio sessions between the pair, and for The Kite String Tangle, the day after the end of a long-term relationship lasting over a decade. “It worked similar to therapy in a way,” says The Kite String Tangle on the experience. “It was kind of like processing it in real-time. It forces you to think and makes you more clear about how you’re feeling.”

The songs that follow ‘Intuition’ on the EP come in the order they were written, and as such, you find yourself absorbed into a story through to reconciliation; the EP-closing ‘Let Go’ bringing it to a resolution, finding the pair at the end of their therapeutic journey. In between, you have everything from adventurous electro-pop to an unexpected T.a.t.u. cover, with each song having its place in the treacherous time it dissects and processes.

Tornado Club isn’t the first time The Kite String Tangle and Woodes have come together - the two have featured on festival line-ups together, and The Kite String Tangle aided in the production of Woodes’ debut album Crystal Ball last year - nor is it a sign of their respective solo projects ending either. Rather, it’s an opportunity for two like-minded producers, vocalists and songwriters to come together, experimenting and teaching one another through the sharing of roles - a real, unique experience for the pair.

As such, a partnership has been forged that will long out-live the life cycle of just a solo EP. The pair have ambitious plans to bring Tornado Club to life over the next year, building an extensive audio/visual live show that’ll breathe new energy into the EP soon. For now, however, it all begins with ‘Reset’, and the welcoming of Tornado Club, a new project from two of Australia’s best.

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