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Stan. original series Bump tell the story of Oly, an overachieving 16-year-old high schooler who thinks she's got her life sorted. She's smart, ambitious, dating the son of a doctor and has everything planned out, from graduation to her career. Then she gives birth without realising she was pregnant to begin with.

The series was co-created by Claudia Karvan and Kelsey Munro, who also co-wrote with a writing team of Jessica Tuckwell, Timothy Lee, Mithila Gupta and Steven Arriagada. Karvan produced along with John Edwards and Dan Edwards. Geoff Bennett, Gracie Otto and Leticia Cáceres directed the series.

Gaga is proud to have the following licenses placed in Season 1

Annie Hamilton 'Panic'

Jamila Woods 'GIOVANNI'

The Avalanches 'Music Makes Me High' ft. Nelson B Miller sample 'Music Makes Me High'

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