Nilufer Yanya


Nilufer Yanya has today released her brand new EP Feeling Lucky? via ATO / [PIAS]- the first new body of work since her critically acclaimed debut album Miss Universe was released in 2019. Yanya has also revealed the video for EP track ‘Same Damn Luck’ which was directed by sister Molly Daniel in Greece this summer.


Speaking about ‘Same Damn Luck’, Yanya said: “I hadn’t quite escaped what I thought I previously had. A personal reminder in the form of a pop ballad that the past is never that far away and will regularly come back to haunt you.” Commenting on the video, she added, “The task was to keep our eyes and ears open at all times while drenched in sunlight and sweating and squinting. We chose a place which is beautiful yet understated and made sure to pack all the cameras we collectively owned. Improvisation was the key here although extensive mapping was vital.”

The Feeling Lucky? EP centres around ideas of unpredictability and change. Yanya explains: “One of the songs had the theme of luck in it as a concept but then I realised they all do. That got me thinking about luck in general; good and bad. Things out of our control and things in control of us, how often we put acts and happenings down to the fortune of good luck or bad luck when things exceed our expectations or don’t go according to plan.”

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