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Ryan Meeking

Ryan Meeking


Australian born, London based songwriter/producer Ryan Meeking, creates a unique brand of catchy and cutting-edge indie-pop, evoking comparisons to Beck, Jack Garrat and Alt-J. Adorned in a sonic tapestry of clever production, Meeking has the ability to push the boundaries, demonstrating his wide-ranging skills and influences from pop music.

Written in the solace of his own studio, the debut EP Coalesce is a collection of sonic adventures and moody moments. Inspired by the complexity of friendships, infatuation, deceit and despondence; the thoughtfully curated six track EP evokes hope and awareness of the life around us, with every song presented in its most raw and heightened state. Playing with these concepts and concocting a one-of-a-kind space for each of his songs. He shares, “Every song I make has its own environment, its own conversation, its own emotion, its own world for exploring. It captures a moment in time - arriving as lyrics, sound and mood at once. One chance to connect.”

The latest single “Better!” narrates two people who’ve always been friends, but often flirted with being more. Finally accepting the truth that they’ve always been better together and letting go of their fear, the track is an uplifting anthem, described as the musical equivalent of a street party. “Better!” also touches on the idea of not wasting time, as well as the underlying longing and frustration Meeking was feeling being separated from friends and family during lockdowns.

Featuring original demo vocals on the day the song was written, “Ordinary” embodies the twilight of anguish. After seeing a friend sedated in dejection, and feeling a sense of it himself, Meeking wrote this pensive song, recording the vocals that same day. Modestly clean, yet stirring with a glimmer of hope, the track captures emotion and warmth, urging you to engage in the dark moments so you can truly see life for all its beauty.

With playful flairs in the up-beat “Endless Run” to the wall of synths in the chorus of “Mind Reader”, the EP is an amalgamation of emotion and realism. Defined by Meeking as, “A contemplation on the end of oneself. Life is a dramatically glorious phenomenon; finitely simple, yet infinitely complex”, the closing track echoes with the styling of a cinematic score, before booming into a rumbling brass section, turning this heart-wrenching song into a celebration of life.

Working with artists such as Gossling and Whitaker, Meeking’s solo music emerged in 2021, already gaining recognition from Rolling Stone AU. Having toured across Australia, the US and UK and racking up millions of streams across platforms, now is a good time to be watching what Ryan Meeking does next.

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