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Tornado Club


We're thrilled to welcome Tornado Club to the Gaga Music family as they celebreate the forthcoming release of their debut EP 'Reset'. The new collaborative project from Elle Graham (Woodes) and Danny Harley (The Kite StringTangle), emphasises the strengths of their respective work and the friendship they have forged in a time ofpersonal heartache and change.


In their own work, Elle Graham and Danny Harley are two musicians constantly taking their sounds to thefurthest level they can. They’re both inspired by creative evolution, as shown through the craft of bothWoodes and The Kite String Tangle, but also within the mutual musical and visual influences they share.They’ve both found success in doing so too, with their projects selling out shows both nationally andinternationally off the back of ARIA-charting albums and Platinum-certified singles.

Tornado Club brings the pair together, launching with a six-track EP-titled ‘Reset’-recorded throughoutthe last year. It began with work in-person at the tail-end of 2019 before being finished remotely throughthe means of online collaboration, providing a place where they could come together and create songsdifferent to what they create individually. It veers between snapshots of similar interests and influences(musical and otherwise), taking the heavier electronic foundations of The Kite String Tangle andintertwining it with the intricacies of Woodes. There are notes to their shared influences amongst TornadoClub’s foundations-the entireproject takes its name from Jonsi’s song ‘Tornado’-but the EP’s soundfeels like uncharted waters, capturing intimacy and boldness simultaneously within its tracks.

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