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Ade Vincent teams up with Lior and the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra


Melbourne Chamber Orchestra have performed an exciting new collaboration with singer/songwriter Lior and composer Ade Vincent, as part of the Of People and Song concert.

‘To Be Human’ is a fresh contemporary direction for the MCO under the new artistic director, Sophie Rowell. Together Lior and Ade have created a thought-provoking contemporary piece of art weaving Lior’s unique sound with the string resonance of the MCO. Together we will bring the creative process to life in this moving and evocative song cycle. I can’t wait to bring this new work to our audiences.” MCO artistic director, Sophie Rowell.

The first half of the concert celebrates the MCO’s depth of talent, particularly that of the viola section. MCO violist Merewyn Bramble takes centre stage in Rebecca Clarke’s Passacaglia following Matt Laing’s sparkling new arrangement of de Falla Siete Cancions. Rounding out the first half we celebrate the warmth and beauty of Grieg’s Holberg Suite.

‘To Be Human’ is a song-cycle in seven parts, for solo tenor voice, electric guitar, and orchestra, that holds a mirror up to the artists’ own experience as it was composed, providing a diary in musical form as the creative process unfolded. It combines solo tenor voice, contemporary songwriting, varied use of the string orchestra and reverb-drenched electric guitar to create a sound that evades a neat genre-description.

Why does art hold a reverence for humans? And what happens to if we outsource its creation? When experiencing art, there has always been an assumption that human experience was at the core of the creation. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence-created art, we’re now asking ourselves whether experiencing an AI artwork is as satisfying or interesting to us as experiencing a human-produced artwork. In this world premiere, Lior and Vincent examine that which is missing from AI-generated art: the hidden journey of the artist’s creative process.

“On writing ‘To Be Human,’ Ade and I have tracked, in real time, the wide spectrum of emotions and experiences that fill the creative process. What happens when the history and context inherent in the creation of an artistic work is removed? How does this alter the moment of interaction between artist and audience? As we stand on the cusp of AI’s increasing involvement in art, these are burning questions which ‘To Be Human’ aims to shine a light on”. – Lior

“This piece is not pushing against the tide of AI – I’m excited about AI and view it simply as another tool available to artists. The purpose of this piece is to reveal the humanity and experience of artists. A work of art is the tip of the iceberg; the artist’s life, history and influences are what’s beneath the surface. This piece aims to reveal some of what’s beneath the surface”. – Ade Vincent

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