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New release: Hayden Calnin

New release: Hayden Calnin


Aussie singer/songwriter and producer Hayden Calnin won approval from the masses after the release of his highly anticipated two-part album ‘Cut Love Pt. 1 & 2’ saw him gain support from the industry through international blogs such as Pigeons and Planes, Stereogum and Earmilk and spins on renowned radio stations Triple J (AU), BBC6 (UK) and KCRW (USA). No stranger to having his music synced on international TV, the LP saw Hayden’s music in high demand with the artist landing himself syncs on shows Teen Wolf, The Fosters and a finale slot on The Vampire Diaries within the last six months. Add a sold out London date on his first ever EU/UK tour and Hayden’s success is bitingly obvious... maybe we should all start making two part albums.

Apparently, wowing us twice just wasn’t enough. Hayden is back and ready to crash into us with new single ‘Waves’.

The song, taken from Hayden’s upcoming EP ‘Dirt’ which is due to be released mid-2017 was mixed and mastered by grammy nominated Andrei Eremin, who has worked with artists such as Chet Faker and Miami Horror. ‘Waves’ offers up 3 minutes and 33 seconds of translucent electronica and takes a more serene tone than some of Hayden’s darker, previous work. The track sees Hayden’s haunting vocals meander through bars of delicate piano and synthesized harmonies – only reinforcing former comparisons to the likes of Bon Iver, M83 and James Blake.

Hayden’s music explores levels deeper than it’s obvious aural pleasure. According to him;

“If the title track is any indication, the album will showcase Calnin’s free-flowing creativity and knack

for creating ambient textures to prop up his voice, which slithers in and out of frame.”

‘”Waves' and the upcoming EP 'Dirt' as a whole are an exploration of mental issues in youth and young adults. Your twenties are hard. It's a time when you feel pressure to become something you may not always feel ready to become and a time that those pressures of not knowing who you are can take a toll on your well being".

With a fitting title, prepare for the ‘Waves’ of goose-bumps and harmonious chills that await.

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