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Naarm/Melbourne’s Cool Sounds release 'Hello, Alright, You Got That?', the irresistibly catchy first single from new album Like That, out October 7, their first for Chapter Music. The single is matched with a playful video directed by James Morris.

As you’ll hear with this first single, Like That is a transformative album for Cool Sounds. Their usual jangle-pop sparkle has been supercharged by a disco-glam stomp, making for their most immediate, irresistible record yet.

'Hello, Alright, You Got That?' combines wry, acerbic lyrics with bright, unstoppable pop-funk, finding a sweet spot between Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Hot Chip and 80s 12” mixes by Francois K.

Cool Sounds polymath Dainis Lacey also steps out from behind the band facade on this new album. He plays almost everything on the record, with a little help from friends like multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young, saxophonist Pierce Morton and German-born vocalist Ambrin Hasnain (with whom Dainis also plays in Partner Look). Like That affirms that Dainis Lacey is Cool Sounds, and Cool Sounds is Dainis Lacey.

About 'Hello, Alright', Dainis says – “My dad was a fan of that brief period in the early 80s where British punks embraced disco. His uni soccer team sang Ian Dury’s 'Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll' after a win. I searched for a parallel in my own timeline and arrived at 2010-ish indie dance, which holds an equal amount of nostalgia but still stings with the aftertaste of being able to remember too many details from ‘indie club nights’. I think 'Hello, Alright' borrows from both of these memories.

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