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Hayden Calnin


Today, Melbourne-based electro-folk singer, songwriter, and producer Hayden Calnin shares his new single, “The Way Back Up,” which features fellow Australian artist Nick Acquroff.


Hayden explains, “Nick and I have been playing music together for years whenever we’ve gotten a chance to, and we thought it was about time to lay one of our songs down and let people have a listen. We were both living down the southern coastline of Australia, and I had Nick over one night for some dinner and drinks. Naturally, we ended up in the studio a bit later on writing and recording. That seemed to be pretty common practice for us when we would hang out, and this was a track that really resonated with us. It sat on a hard drive for 2 years, and I opened it up one day on my computer and thought it was too bloody good not to finish, so I gave it a good mix, and this was the result. Nick is such an incredible guy, and I’m just super stoked to be putting out a collaboration with my mate, it’s awesome. Mates are awesome. Writing songs with mates and releasing them is even more awesome.”

The track is off his upcoming EP, Something/Anything (Nettwerk Music), which will be released on May 6th and features the recent single, Dreamer. Hayden sees the upcoming EP as “lost songs.” Two of the five tracks were cut from his recent album, What It Means To Be Human, while the others were ones he had started but never finished. Adding, “This is an EP that is bringing some never released tracks back to life. I chose to put all these songs together to show what can be lost musically and because they sat around the same key, so it flowed into what hopefully sounds like one big journey of a song.”

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