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Lewis Coleman


Lewis Coleman's latest offering Offline is a collectin of songs grounded in a desire to generate a current within stagnant and hopeless waters. It marks a significant departure from Coleman's previous, more brooding and introverted record Method of Place, and as he leants into a more confident outward facing aspect of himself, so too does Offline. It's music replete with playful arrangements and kinetic opportunity and, as Coleman states, “songs that are hot, warm, saturated and fun”.

Whether it’s the lanky, dawdling guitar lines in the title track Offline to the propulsive drums and coiled, abstract string phrasing of "Your Future" and "Sandy", Offline undulates through Colemans idiosyncrasies and observations, fluxing and unfurling through less familiar aspects of his identity in conspicuous and playful ways. In Coleman’s words, Offline “explores the fantasy worlds we, by paradox of technological separateness and closeness, build around ourselves and the people we love, and the social architectures around sharing and selling our lives in this landscape.”

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