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Tori Zietsch, (aka Maple Glider, our favourite badass of indie folk), has announced her second album titled I Get Into Trouble. It's the follow up to 2021's To Enjoy is the Only Thing, and we can expect another collection of intimate vignettes of Zietsch’s life. It'll be released October 13th 2023, via Pieater, and on Partisan for the rest of the world.


It was recorded with the same small team as its predecessor, with Tom Iansek (#1 Dads, Big Scary, The Paper Kites) producing and mixing, and touring member Jim Rindfleish (Mildlife) on drums. From mid-2021, the tracking stretched out for over a year - at first due to limited studio access to BellBird during Melbourne’s strict lockdown schedule, and later 'cause of the glut of touring that followed. The freedoms of 2022 brought a mixed bag of awkwardness, excitement, anxiety, deadlines, celebrations and exhaustion. Zietsch found solace in nature, and in the friendship of her touring band - finally on the stage together since the release of To Enjoy..., and suddenly playing to you beautiful audiences who sang the words back at them.

Many of the songs on the new album were initially rejected as too angry, or too difficult to process. Zietsch delves back into her christian childhood; explores her relationship to her body; consent; shame; and the death of relationships, both romantic and familial. But it’s also hopeful- there is new life, new love, and the desire to re-connect and find peace with it all. The majority of songs are performed on acoustic guitar - the exceptions being the slinky “Two Years” and lockdown lullaby “Scream”.

The first song shared was the shiver-inducing "Don't Kiss Me", already a high point in the live set, and this week we reveal "Dinah". Its namesake is a bible story where a young woman is victim-blamed for being sexually assaulted. It explores the double standards within Zietsch’s own experience growing up in Christianity; and the accusations levelled at “non-believers” whilst the church itself was not a safe space. However, never one to miss an opportunity for fun and dress-ups, the accompanying video made with long-time collaborator and bandmate Bridgette Winten is full of colour and fahshun and lols (including a pink vibrator as preacher's microphone).

Says Zietsch: “For me, ‘Dinah’ is the scariest thing I’ve ever put out. It’s probably the most pop feeling song I’ve released, but it’s really quite an angry song. I have felt incredibly disturbed and frustrated and sad in the process of writing and putting it together. I wanted the video to be fast paced, colourful, and full of energy, the same kind of riled up energy I had when I wrote the song. But it also had to be silly, because I can’t help that."

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