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New Release | Bec Sandridge


We proudly share in the news that Bec Sandridge has announced the release of her debut album TRY + SAVE ME (Oct 4) with single and clip STRANGER.


It’s a scary thing seeing yourself as a stranger, but also equally as powerful when you’re in
the right headspace. What does it mean to know someone? Can we ever truly know anyone?
Can we ever truly know ourselves? STRANGER, the new single from Bec Sandridge, explores
these questions and sees Bec examine her relationship with herself. Seeing herself from the
inside out, and from the outside in.

STRANGER rolls effortlessly as a pop banger, with menacing leads and high pitched chants
bound for festival stages and is complemented by a powerful and emotional video clip directed
by Tanzer.

“STRANGER is the proudest I’ve been of any song to date. It’s the most honest I’ve been with
myself and others. At the time I was struggling with image dysmorphia and unable to manage
the anxiety that came along with that. I was lucky enough to marry the track with the visuals
of diva/director/drag king Tanzer which helped me make sense of a lot of things. I felt it was
the first time someone has been able to capture who I am holistically - the ugly, the unhinged,
the raucous. I was forced to be comfortable in vulnerability - having a leaf blower on my face
certainly helped!”
Recounts Sandridge of the clip.

With today’s release of new track STRANGER comes the news that Sandridge’s long awaited
debut album, TRY + SAVE ME, is set for independent release on October 4th. Her signature
vocals, so bold and striking permeate the record, darting in and out of manic synthesisers and
glitchy electronic and live drums. It seems Sandridge almost wants to push listeners over the
edge, dangling us over the precipice of a panic attack, but drawing us back at just the right

“Two years in the making, I can finally announce my debut album TRY + SAVE ME!! I was
never sure I’d create an album. But here I am! I worked with the incredible Gab Strum
(Japanese Wallpaper) and Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy) on this bad gal and I think she’s a
body of my fiercest, most manic work to date. The album documents two break-ups, coming
out to my family and friends and my mental health journey in trying to make sense of those
things. One foot in the therapist's office, one hand around my exes waist. What a ride! This
time round I tried to be as particular as possible. I wanted bass and synths to hit hard. I wanted
everything to feel it had place and purpose with no apology.”
Sandridge reflects on her debut

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