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New release | Cool Sounds


Cool Sounds are a Melbourne indie guitar-pop outfit. Writer/vocalist Dainis Lacey is at the heart things, whose idiosyncratic falsetto makes the band instantly recognisable. They are notable for their guitar-lick interplay, melodic lines and earnest delivery. The prolific group’s style is firmly rooted in Melbourne’s jangle scene, but they excel in borrowing atmospheres from past musical eras with enough ambiguity so as to create timeless songs.


The band's third LP More To Enjoy (September 20th, 2019)- Underpinned by a rhythmic, lofi 70s soundtrack referencing Carly Simon, Thin Lizzy and Steely Dan, the album will be exploring themes of desperation, guilt, seediness, remorse, desire and nostalgia. It is inspired by the murkiness in even the best of us, all in the chase of living in excess. After all, even at society's lowest there is always More To Enjoy.

These are songs for when the cowboy comes to Vegas - the disco, liquor, lights, high hopes, dark alleys, betting, and regret. It's the dust on a leather jacket mixing with whiskey and sweat and smearing his brow.

FFO: Ariel Pink, Mac Demarco, Sheer Mag, Faye Webster, Hot Chocolate, Whitney, Todd Rundgren, Foxygen, The Ocean Party, The Lemon Twigs, Girls

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