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New release | Georgia Mulligan

New release | Georgia Mulligan


Georgia Mulligan had barely sung aloud in front of anyone until the age of 21.

A background in visual arts and a long term interest in film, literature and writing had always kept her creative interest alive, but the discovery of artists like Cat Power, Sharon van Etten and Nick Cave in her late teens inspired her to begin exploring her voice as a vehicle for expression.

This new-found passion along with the encouragement of friends resulted in her picking up a guitar to write her first songs and begin performing at open mic nights around Sydney.

Georgia's second EP 'Mirror' is out now, ft. singles Mirror, So Long and The Dark.


About the EP;

‘This is a collection of songs written over a couple of years in which many things changed. The songs contain my reactions and observations, ‘unfiltered’ but by nature slightly warped - like the reflection we see in a mirror, there is no real ‘true image’ yet we seem to constantly seek it. The songs are about trust and disappointment, about feelings of disconnection, hope, anger, frustration and tenderness. Each one is very personal but I hope someone might feel a connection with what is being communicated on some level.’ - GM

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