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New release | Harry James Angus

New release | Harry James Angus


Remember the good ol’ days (like two months ago) when fun was actually FUN! When mischief and mayhem could be found just around the corner at any moment. When the biggest worry was who’s shout it was next, and nervousness and trepidation only existed about who you might kiss, not what you might get if you kiss them.

Today the firebrand trumpet-playing vocalist from The Cat Empire, HARRY JAMES ANGUS has released his first solo song for the year: Old Fashioned Mayhem


Says Harry: “Right now, we want things to be in control. We want orderliness, rationality, and community spirit. I totally agree with that. But this song hearts back to a time not so long ago when chaos was fun. Deviance, disobedience, hurtling into the unknown… and yes, even mayhem. Let’s not forget that all these things can be fun”

Produced and mixed by ARIA Award winning producer Steven Schramm (Paul Kelly, San Cisco et al) and with a band of Australia’s finest instrumentalists, Old Fashioned Mayhem completely lives up to its name, its unrelenting raw chaos is like a ride on Melbourne’s iconic Mad Mouse and marks a distinct change in genres from Harry who seems able to flip between styles so completely effortlessly.

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