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New release| Nat Vazer


Is This Offensive And Loud? is Nat Vazer's debut album, out today. The Melbourne-based artist has created a world of hazy guitars and lilting oohs to accompany her intimate confessionals.

Out via Hotel Motel Records


The title is taken from a lyric in the opening track "Like Demi". Early in that song, there's a line "I would ask them 'why'?" This little line captures Nat's attitude as an artist and a person - she isn't afraid to ask questions, point out uncomfortable truths and wants to challenge the status quo, calling out racism and the patriarchy. She also calls out herself, admitting to selfishness, obsession and self-doubt.
Whilst lighting a fire and forging the way ahead for a future she wants to see, she still stops to thank and recognise those who have come before her to pave the way.

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