New Release | Obscura Hail

New Release | Obscura Hail


Obscura Hail has just released their latest album 'Pallbearer'. ‘Pallbearer’ is a collection of existential bedroom recordings created during the lonely hours, for the sake of gaining long needed closure after the loss of a family member; a naively optimistic translation of grief in all stages, through blissful dissociation, acceptance of fate, and personal epiphany.The album reflects the hands of Sun Kil Moon, the heart of Sufjan Stevens,the method of Elliot Smith, and the harmonic sisterhood of the Roches. Dealing with death through delicate, anecdotal nostalgia, alone.

Recently performing alongside Kele Okereke (Block Party), Cam Avery (Tame Impala, Pond), Aldous Harding, Julia Jacklin and Stolen Violin (The Middle East), Obscura Hail are also thrilled to announce new single ‘Bad Math’ from their new album, which premiered on the triple j Roots 'n All show.

Conceived on NSW’s south coast in 2006, and now buried alive somewhere in Northcote, Obscura Hail are sneaking into Melbourne’s intimate spaces and filling strangers with relative truths.

Obscura Hail is the nightly routine of song writing with hast, driven by an irrational fear of memory loss, enabled by access to a plethora of ad-hoc recording equipment. The somewhat serious themes of ontology, existentialism, love and loss are framed with sincerity by the lush, but gentle classical guitar work, and the motif of almost whispered, though richly layered vocal harmonies, giving his extensive backlog a kind of naïve optimism for the individual experience.


Fri, 16 Nov: Long Play, Melbourne w/Seagull
Thu, 29 Nov: Golden Age, Sydney w/Okin Osan




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