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Ninajirachi 'girl EDM'


Ninajirachi shares her latest EP, 'girl EDM' - LISTEN HERE.

A project that sees Ninajirachi offer a refreshing take on existing styles of EDM, girl EDM is forward thinking and futuristic in how she recalls the initial sound that first inspired her to pursue music production. Traversing her token icy, glitchy textures with the club sounds of late 2000s & early 2010s, Ninajirachi pulls apart the seams of hard dance, electro house, progressive house and trance with a left-field twist, emblematic of the music she was ‘born to make’.

Ninajirachi shares "It’s just girl EDM… You get it or you don’t. People love to ask artists how they’d describe their sound, and recently I realised mine is literally girl EDM”. She reveals “EDM was the music that first made me want to become a producer when I was a 12 year old in 2012. My taste grew and changed but EDM and dance pop raised me and so many in my generation. Girl EDM is like a sister and sequel to my 4x4 EP from 2023, they are like one big project in my mind. If I had more patience it probably would have been one big album”.

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