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Today we are buzzed to release the new offering from Sydney's interdimensional shoegazers, PEEL.

‘Silver Spring’ is the third single from the five-piece following their explosive debut ‘Memory Loop’, released in November 2020, and cosmic follow-up ‘DYNA’, released earlier this year. Exuding the same driving pace and kinetic energy as their previous offerings, ‘Silver Spring’ introduces a slightly darker undertone to the band’s repertoire, tackling themes of internal struggle head-on.


“The song is a mantra for not letting darkness take over,” says frontman Nick Stillman. “Ultimately, it’s about hope, so we wanted to give it a bright feel sonically. Lyrically it’s about willing yourself out of your own head, which is not an easy thing to do. It was written for a particular person, but I think it’s relevant for everyone, every day.”

From its opening seconds, ‘Silver Spring’ creates a luminous atmosphere, with warped, fuzzy guitars giving way to shimmering sequencers. The track comes in hard and doesn’t let up, radiating a sense of optimism with its relentless beat and reverberant vocals.

PEEL's new single was premiered on Sydney's FBi Radio and online by The Music, who said; "Etching their place in the music world alongside the likes of Underground Lovers and Jesus & Mary Chain, the band have latched on to that classic, fuzz-laden sound and carried it right into the 21st century." Read the full article here.

‘Silver Spring’ is the third cut from PEEL’s debut self-titled EP, due for release Oct 22nd via Third Eye Stimuli. The five-track release was recorded at BLANKSPACE Studio with producer James Christowski in Sydney across 2020 and features previous singles ‘Memory Loop’ and ‘DYNA’.

Since coming onto the scene in late-2020, PEEL have received widespread attention from the likes of Rough Trade, Double J and Triple J Unearthed, Rage, FBi Radio, 2SER, RRR, The Music, Tonedeaf, Life Without Andy, Happy Mag and more, and have sold out stages across the East Coast. With their debut release, PEEL are set to affirm their place as one of the most intriguing and provocative new bands in Australian rock and shoegaze.

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