The Laurels

The Laurels


Following a lengthy departure from the Sydney Shoegaze limelight, The Laurels have resurfaced with their first single release since 2019 proving the wait was worthwhile. Released today with Third Eye Stimuli Records.


Self-described as Funk-Infused Psychedelia, ‘Ex Sherpa’ runs for around five and half minutes and leads the listener up into high altitude with grooving electric piano stabs, flowing vocal melodies and thumping Manchester drum patterns. Once again the band has refreshed and realigned, this time post-involuntary hiatus, delivering the reintroduction we all needed through a meditation on Eastern vs Western thought and the connected nature of the inner and outside world.

Written while touring their last album, the track was birthed as a demo consisting of repetitive loops and drones symbolising the meaninglessness of medial work tasks. Lined generously with hooks, splashing hats and a relentlessly driving beat, ‘Ex Sherpa’ in its final form, grounds itself in the verse, allowing the story to be told and anticipation to build before breaking into its euphoric chorus.

The Laurels formed back in 2006 and since then have released an EP and two albums which have garnered critical accolades and cult status, while simultaneously earning a reputation for their unmissable live shows. They’ve toured internationally twice, performing at Austin Psych Fest (now known as Levitation) and supporting genre-defining acts such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Dungen and Swervedriver.

As mainstays of the Sydney rock scene, Third Eye Stimuli is thrilled to announce The Laurels official signing to the label. ‘Ex-Sherpa’ is out now on all digital platforms, with much more to come from The Laurels leading into 2022.

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