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Broods 'Space Island'


No strangers to producing catchy pop songs, BROODS don’t fall into generic trends; instead mixing the best of sounds to craft their unique and clamorous aura. To start 2022 off the right way, welcome 'Space Island'.


Lead single “Piece Of My Mind” is high-art in outer space, with glitchy joy breaking through the bubblegum smoothness; the satisfying wobbly beat of “Days Are Passing Right Through Me” is Lorde circa Pure Heroine era; while the fast-paced “Distance and Drugs” is a strummy 90s Aqua throwback with a hint of dubstep thick vibration. Described by the duo as an album about moving through different kinds of grief, there is no shortage of danceable riffs amongst the moody and sly anthemic refrains.

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