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Haiku Hands


Congratulations to Haiku Hands on the release of their debut album 'Haiku Hands' ft. unapologetic party bangers Not About You, Manbitch, Jupiter and Fashion Model Art ft. SOFI TUKKER.


With their dizzying blend of sugar-soaked pop and pulsating dance music, Haiku Hands have become an absolute must-see live band. Dripping in attitude and demanding attention across the globe (they’ve stolen the show at England’s The Great Escape, Texas’ SXSW and Splendour In The Grass), the three-piece have become masters at starting the party whatever their surroundings.

Since they released the glitching rave tune ‘Not About You’ in 2017, the trio have left a trail of unforgettable performances in their wake and despite 2020 being extremely anti-party, Haiku Hands’ self-titled debut is an unapologetic blast of gleeful rebellion that’s determined to keep the good times rolling.

Quick to dial up the volume, ‘Haiku Hands’ was written to soundtrack those high-octane live shows. The gang are at their best in the one-two curtain drop of ‘Not About You’ and ‘Manbitch’, with huge singalong moments stood atop energetic club anthems. It’s also dance music with something to say: the album opener is all about self-empowerment while on ‘Manbitch’ the group reclaim the gendered slur.

The Melbourne and Sydney based trio album is out via Spinning Top Records AUS/NZ and Mad Decent ROW, published by Third Side Music (Gaga Music AUS/NZ).

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