New release | NIHILS

New release | NIHILS


Remember what life used to look like? NIHILS do: Crossing America to play SXSW, supporting 30 Seconds to Mars, racking up over 50 million streams on Spotify. Suddenly the streets were empty, venues closed, and the Berlin-based trio shifted gears to put outtheir 3rd release.


Driving us from a hazy sunrise into a smartphonescreen-lit night, AM/PM consists of live understated anthems drifting from nostalgia to anxiety. True to its name, the EP catches moments and feelings across a day, each beat a tick of the clock as life races by. Lockdown forced Ramon, Thomas and Florian into finishing recording across threecapitals – London, Vienna and Berlin – working with producer-duo Wearemodular to bring their ideas to life.

The result is a collection of moody electronic synth soundscapes punctured by eclectic clicks and beats, a modern mess glued together by Ramon’s effortlessly smooth vocals. Nothing can kill the vibe. AM/PM is a colourful maze with surprises around every corner. Expect the unexpected. Their first single LOST IN L.A., wakes us like a California dawn through closed eyelids, channeling the exhilaration and solitude of passing through a new foreign city where expectations and dreams await.

Working with British painter Rex Southwick brought about the oil cover artworks, capturing the band’s essence and ideas in his own unique style. Combine them with photos shot across three different cities, not only highlighting the current situation but also the various moods of the record, NIHILS pack a technicolor punch to grab anyone’s attention

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